Cytochalasin B influence on megakaryocyte patch-clamp

Published on Friday, 11 September 2015

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Cytochalasin have been found in megakaryocytes and platelets, in intestines and other organs with smooth muscle cells, in kidney and other tight epithelia where they modify numerous cellular functions related to DNA synthesis or fragmentation, contractile actin microfilaments, delivery of newly synthesized membrane proteins, activation of apical K+ channels, control of exocytic events, cell volume regulation.

Many such functions could array a great weight, both in the etiopathogenetic and therapeutic aspects of cancer.

We have already prudently applied very low doses of Cytochalasin B (Cyt. B) on human spontaneous and animal experimental cancer.

Therefore we further studied some effect of Cytochalasins on the excellent target cells of megakaryocytes.



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