Prophylaxis, side effects and galenical based

Published on Friday, 09 August 2013

Di Bella experimentation: Why did it fail?Prophylaxis, side effects and galenical based


[Prophylaxis, side effects and galenical based - Parma 4/Apr/1998 #2 - Prof. Luigi Di Bella ]{jumi [jumi/Player.html]}



I'm talking about a sick person who three years ago, earlier you mentioned breast cancer, well, this patient three years ago underwent surgery, then after cycles of chemotherapy and also radiotherapy, she is in remission with the so called markers, I think she means tumor markers, within normal ranges.

She asks whether at this point the Di Bella therapy may be beneficial. Earlier you had already mentioned it in some way. Now, transferring the talk for example in a case like this that certainly affects many people.

Prof. Luigi Di Bella:

Well, it is sufficient to remember that my protocol cannot harm! You can use and apply it at any time of life!

So just to give you an example: I created it and it is forty years that I have been using it on myself! I believe that part of the capacity that I still retain I owe it to those four things that I generally assume in the morning.

So, to the question that you are addressing to me, I cannot answer other but positively, but we must also warn people who do this protocol that they can prevent a relapse provided that they do the protocol with a certain frequency, with a certain intensity. Because in small quantities, that is, a day they do it, another day they don’t and so on, the chances of a prophylaxis of the method decrease.


I got it, then many of the questions concern the somatostatin. I think we have fully explained at the beginning that the discussion must focus on the multitherapy and not on one substance in itself.

But perhaps almost inevitably, many questions focus on this. A question may be this for example: "What side effects can give somatostatin?".

Prof. Luigi Di Bella:

Well, if you use the natural somatostatin, that is to say 14 amino acids, with a disulfide bridge, then it can give some effect for example steno myocardial, or a decrease in the frequency, or of the systemic pressure and so on. Or still it may have some effect on the contraction of the intestine: it varies depending on the subject, depending on the speed with which you do the injection, the time of the day when you do the injection.

However, if you take into account all of these facts and act how you should act in any form of therapy with due prudence, you can progress further in the somatostatin therapy, calmly, without the slightest disturbance!

Somatostatin therapy as part of the tetralogies I mentioned earlier, injected in the evening trying to anticipate dinner time, eating a relatively light and frugal dinner and letting a period of about 3 hours from the end of the dinner’s meal (to look up the Vademecum). In these conditions the possibility of even a smaller disorder diminishes or disappears!


Another question, I think it touches an important node that is the relationship with pharmacies. Here perhaps we may have pharmacists amongst our audience, and certainly many are interested!

Many doctors who prescribe the Di Bella multi-therapy, then, perhaps, you could do a speech on this issue, but perhaps we exceed too much, they recommend to buy the drugs, in particular melatonin and vitamin mixture, at certain pharmacies.

Is this because not all pharmacists may be able to prepare them or a vitamin mixture not prepared properly can cause problems?

Prof. Luigi Di Bella:

The mixture, not only vitaminic, but also the melatonin not prepared to perfection, is either useless or harmful!

Therefore it is necessary to monitor the pharmacist who does it. Now this is not my job. I should only prescribe.

The honesty and the professional ability of the pharmacist should then lead to prepare the protocols the way I want.

So part of the failures that were recorded depend on the poor preparation of the protocols, of some of these drugs here! Hence it is necessary to be careful!

Then if I point to a pharmacist who gives me confidence then I am accused that I am in a business relationship with him!

If I do not suggest it then it can happen that a pharmacist, just to make money, does not think half a minute in supplying “stuff of the other world”!

Not only that, here is one: when I gave the formula for the preparation of the vitamin mixture to the National Institute of Health, in it there is indicated half a gram of trans-retinoic acid in a liter. Then I wrote 2 grams of beta-carotene.

The question I was asked by none other than a chemist! She said: "But a beta-carotene to what percentage?".

Well, if I say betacarotene it means 100%, doesn’t it? Otherwise I would have said the percentage!

Many pharmacists prepare it, however the less expensive one is beta-carotene to 10%! But there is to 10, 20, 30 and 100%! But when I spoke to the director of the National Institute of Health in Rome, I said it, not only, I would like the crystalline one! Crystalline means 100% purity, not only that but I also said, which could have also been interpreted in another way, a particular brand and I said I wanted Merck and not La Roche although La Roche is an excellent industry which supplies and manufactures wonderful preparations, but not beta-carotene. Alright?

And many pharmacies make beta-carotene to 10%: ...10% that is to say, the tenth part of what I recommend, well, what do you want me to do?



Transcripted by: Mirko Viviani;

Translated by: Davide Iafrate.