Melatonin conjugated, why?

Published on Friday, 23 August 2013

Di Bella experimentation: Why did it fail?Melatonin conjugated, why?


Melatonin conjugated, why? - Parma 4/Apr/1998 #3 - Prof. Luigi Di Bella



Melatonin conjugated with adenosine and not instead the one that is found, I am told, in American pharmacies or drugstores.

Prof. Luigi Di Bella:

Well melatonin, you can buy it pure and you can have fun putting it in a little water. In a glass of water, a little bit, and then you can see that the flakes of melatonin float on water! You can wait a bit for them to dissolve. If you put them in the evening you can wait until next day; the flakes will still float. The outcome means that melatonin is not water soluble!

As a rule, if I ingest a substance that's not water soluble, that substance remains in the intestine and then goes in the excreta. It's unlikely that will be absorbed. Not only: it may be that even if the amount is absorbed, it will not be metabolized as you want.

Then with that floating melatonin, you can put over it a little adenosine powder: everything dissolve immediately!

So, adenosine’s primary action should be to melt melatonin, and this is the indispensable precondition for the melatonin to act.

The testing that I had done already back in time is relative, not only to the effect of melatonin plus adenosine. I have tested it with AMP, with the ADP, with ATP: adenosine monophosphate, adenosine diphosphate, adenosine triphosphate, etc.

Adenosine instead is a substance without phosphate, so it can bind with melatonin into a special bond: in other words, without advancing in the chemical field, melatonin can bind with adenosine. This kind of binding is not so stable, it is relatively labile. There are many degrees of force in this bond, etc.

Adenosine needs to be bond to melatonin to make it water soluble, to preserve it, to put it in the condition to work through the body. So there are three conditions. If you don't act in this way, melatonin is relatively ineffective.

Luckily the world is large and the eternal Father, if you believe in it, is even greater, then although we have the ability to produce melatonin within ourselves, we can also take it in, and it binds and dissolves automatically with the needed adenosine.

So if we bind melatonin with adenosine we can be 100% sure that it will act. If we don't bind them, we'll have a proportional amount of binding capacity and therefore of melatonin effectiveness.

Since we can live without ingesting melatonin because we form it, the reason why we do not have any trouble depends on it. The troubles then come through the diseases that appear: leukemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and so on.



Transcripted by: Mirko Viviani;

Translated by: Davide Iafrate.