Changes in numbers of prolactin receptors during the cell cycle of Nb2 cells

Published on Sunday, 01 September 2013


Lactogenic hormones including prolactin (PRL) have mitogenic effects on Nb2 cells, a pre-T lymphoma cell line.

Previous studies have characterized the PRL stimulation of cellular processes such as RNA/DNA synthesis, signalling molecule activation, and the expression of specific genes.

The data presented here explores the fluctuations in plasma membrane PRL receptor (PRLR) number that occur in the Nb2 cells during the course of a 24 h cell cycle.

PRLR abundance was determined by measuring specific binding of [I125] oPRL to G1 arrested-intact Nb2 cells in which the cell cycle was initiated by addition of nonradioactive oPRL.

Preliminary studies revealed that 1 ng/ml oPRL was the minimum PRL concentration that causes a maximal stimulation of mitogenesis, without interfering with [I125] oPRL binding measurements.

Subsequent experiments revealed that upon cell cycle initiation of G1 arrested Nb2 cells with 1 ng/ml oPRL, PRLR number remained constant for the initial 6 h. After 8 h PRLR numbers decreased and at 12 h, the PRLR number was less than 25% of the initial value. After 12 hr, PRLR numbers increased and reach initial values by 18 hr.

These studies show that the expression of cell surface PRL receptors is modulated in a sequential fashion during the cell cycle of Nb2 cells.



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