Long-acting octreotide for the treatment and symptomatic relief of bowel obstruction in advanced ovarian cancer

Published on Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Symptoms of malignant bowel obstruction in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer lead to a poor quality of life.

Sandostatin LAR Depot (LAR) is an intramuscular, monthly administered, long-acting form of octreotide.

LAR's safety and utility were evaluated in a pilot study enrolling 15 advanced ovarian cancer patients with bowel dysfunction.

Once safety with subcutaneous (SQ) octreotide was assessed, patients were given 30 mg LAR on Day 1 and octreotide SQ for 2 weeks.

Of 13 evaluable patients, three patients had a major response to LAR treatment with reduction in bowel obstruction symptoms, two had a minor response, four had no response, and four had progressive symptoms.

Three patients remained on LAR for more than 9 months.

No significant toxicities were attributable to octreotide or LAR.

Because three patients received nine or more monthly injections of LAR, possible direct antitumor effects of LAR or synergy with chemotherapy needs to be explored.



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