Peptide YY augments gross inhibition by vitamin E succinate of human pancreatic cancer cell growth

Published on Wednesday, 02 July 2014


BACKGROUND: Vitamin E succinate (VES) significantly inhibits cell growth in vitro in breast, prostate, and skin cancer cell lines. Our study demonstrated similar inhibitory effects on Mia PaCa-2 pancreatic cancer cells at the same concentration of VES (10 pg/ml). Peptide YY (PYY) also inhibits pancreatic cancer cell growth in vitro. We observed a signifidi bella method, di bella therapy, dbm, Research Support, Cell Division, drug effect, Drug Synergism, Human, Pancreatic Neoplasm, drug therapy, pathology, Peptide YY, pharmacology, Tocopherol, Tumor Cell, Cultured, Vitamin E, analog, derivative, Substancecant additive effect on growth inhibition in Mia PaCa cells treated with both VES and PYY.

METHODS: Human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma Mia PaCa-2 cells were cultured and treated once with either 10 pg/ml of VES or 500 pmols of PYY or with both agents together. The control group received an equivalent volume of solvents. MTT assay was performed at 24, 48, and 72 h to evaluate cell viability.

RESULTS: Pancreatic cancer cell growth was reduced in all groups treated with PYY and VES. Student's t test was used to analyze the data for each treatment group. At 72 h, both PYY and vitamin E significantly inhibited cell growth compared to control. Combining the agents resulted in a dramatic additive inhibition of growth.

CONCLUSION: PYY and vitamin E both inhibit growth of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro with a significant increase in effect when used in combination.



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