Metronomic therapy for refractory/relapsed lymphoma: the PEP-C low-dose oral combination chemotherapy regimen

Published on Thursday, 07 November 2013


BACKGROUND: Metronomic therapy is the application of continuous, low dose chemotherapy. The doses of chemotherapy are usually not sufficient to destroy neoplastic cells, but impact the milieu, particularly angiogenesis.

OBJECTIVE: To determine if the oral PEP-C regimen, consisting of prednisone 20 mgm, etoposide 50 mgm, procarbazine 50 mgm, and cyclophosphamide 50 mgm given in either a daily, alternate day, or fractionated basis, is effective in a variety of lymphomas.

METHODS: One hundred twenty two patients were studied although the majority had low grade or mantle cell lymphoma. All had received at least two or more prior therapies.

RESULTS: Overall, 75% achieved an objective response (OR) with 38% complete responses (CRs) or CRs unconfirmed, and 37% partial responses. ORs were achieved in mantle cell (85%), follicular (88%), marginal zone (71%), and small lymphocytic (67%) lymphomas. Chemosensitive disease was more responsive. Toxicity was minimal.

CONCLUSION: The PEP-C regimen is an easily administered highly effective treatment for heavily pretreated mantle cell and low grade lymphomas.


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