Math says if chemotherapy kills

Published on Sunday, 25 November 2012

MathematicalThe Weizmann Institute from Israel has developed a mathematical model to help calibrate chemotherapy in such a way as not to weaken too much the immune system by putting the patient at risk of infection.

The method is described in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. The model, obtained on the basis of some patients’ blood tests, suggests that neutropenia, the condition of low number of white blood cells, especially neutrophils needed for immune responses, cannot be measured only with the relationship between bacteria and cells, and not even from a limit that the counts of white blood cells must overcome.

When neutrophils are low, the researchers said, the immune system goes into a state of instability: it can be easily destroyed with dramatic consequences.

In addition to the factors such as the number and the ratio we must take into consideration even the efficiency of neutrophils remained and permeability of the tissue to infection, which may increase due to the therapy:

"The research suggests that patients need a periodic evaluation of the neutrophils and bacteria - the authors conclude - which can reduce morbidity and mortality due to chemotherapy".

 Look, you die for chemotherapy! Is there someone who has been notified? Any patient who has ever signed an informed consent truthful?

Look, today arrives a ... 'mathematical model', they try to remedy the most unlikely side effect , medicine that instead of healing you, kills you.


Translated by: Alina Mina Leonard

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