Myeloma Multiple

Published on Tuesday, 07 May 2013


Myeloma Multiple - Mrs. Flora Nardelli


Below a complete transcription and video



Hallo, my name is Flora, I am 47 year old and I am here to explain what is happening with my health.

Everything started twelve years ago as I begun to feel pain at the chest and swellings. I went to my doctor because I've always been skinny and at that time I was as swollen as a ball!

I therefore underwent several examinations, one after the other. Something in my blood was wrong. I was in radiology "three thousand times" a month so much that if I had not a disease I could have get one because of the radiation!

After they found out that something in my blood was wrong, they said I should have examinations every three months and that's exactly what I did.

I did it all in Milan and by chance I happened to be in Bologna where I was told there's a pretty good institute for this kind of diseases.

Sorry if, from time to time I babble, but you know, it's normal. I am not an actress yet!

In Bologna they suggested me not to undertake too many X-rays as they are pretty dangerous. And in the meantime I had an extremely strong pain at my left arm and was wondering whether my heart was working properly.

So I went to the hospital. At the first aid I was told that my heart is working properly. I than went to the pulmonologist who said to me: "Why don't you make a cat scan instead of always going to the hospital?". Well I did it.

Thanks God I reported them that I had haematological problems so that they did the cat scan without the injection of contrast liquid, otherwise I'd be dead! My guardian angel helped me.

Immediately cat scan, immediately myeloma multiple, immediately biopsy, immediately chemiotherapy, immediately everything! Chemioterapy and biopsy, chemioterapy and biopsy, chemioterapy and biopsy!

After that I did the autotrasplant with my stem cells. It seemed that everything was going well, but actually it was not!

I kept on having pains and not feeling fine it was a long way to go and day after day I was sicker and sicker (without hair)! Everything! I had problems with my thyroid! I had labyrinthitis! And I got a lung cancer at the end! All of this in my life. Lung cancer "thanks" to the chemiotherapy as it was maybe my weak part and yes, the chemiotherapy attached my lung!

Well I was immediately, again immediately, operated right after one week out the diagnosis. I had enormous pains as my bones are not those of an healthy person. It was quite ok for a while, so to say!

One day I do the PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and the disease was starting all over again!

In the ematology department they could not say anything! I paid the visit after they had me as a patient for six long years. I paid the visit with the main doctor. I paid 180€ (euro). He said me (handshake): "Your health status is pretty grave. Give me three days and we find a remedy for this situation!". Well, seven years passed and I am still waiting for this phone call!

After that I had some lympf nodes to the throat. I than went to the ear and throat doctor in Bologna. The doctor gave me a FNAB (Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy) worse and worse because he damaged me my salivation and the blood started flowing out of my mouth!

"No no" they said "do not worry!" but they were indeed more worried than I was! Well they did everything wrong!

Than I went to another doctor a femal doctor. I guess it' safer not to disclose her name. And she went like "Do you know other way out of the tradition ones?" After I asked her to enlight me, she talked about the Di Bella Therapy.

I therefore looked for information and decided to give it a try. It is clear that in the past I accepted the chemio and all that stuff. Well, I started the Di Bella Therapy and now I am very fine!

I remember that in the past I could not even lift a pot and cook for myself. I used to need of somebody to get dressed, for anything as I had femurs damages and first, sixth and eighth ribs damages, I was actually full of damages!

I started Di Bella Therapy and after four months the first two damages at the femurs were gone! After two months all the damages were gone except for the first that was stopped and unarmed, almost invisible at the CAT scan or PET.

So I'd need a lifetime to tell my story in details. But the most important thing is that I am here alive and kicking talking to you. I have three different activities. I work mornings, afternoons and evenings. I am fine and am independent. I just want to thank God that Professor Di Bella was born a great man, a great doctor.

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