Acute Lymphatic Leukemia

Published on Monday, 02 September 2013


Acute Lymphatic Leukemia - Mr. Alessandri


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So, I think that a story like the one that Mr. Allessandri can tell us on behalf of other similar stories, yet adds a contribution to the knowledge of this problem.

Mr. Alessandri:

Thank you.

Well, I have had a very tough family experience. My son, at age 16 became ill with acute lymphatic leukemia, a very rapid form for which the head physicians of the hospitals had diagnosed maybe 2 months of life. Desperate we took him to another hospital to hear other opinions and the diagnosis unfortunately was no different!

You could talk about a few months more and the fact is, at that time, by chance, I got to know that Professor Di Bella was working in this field, with a theory of his. I managed to get in touch with him through his assistant, we went to see him and presented the fact.

I brought him the medical records of the hospitals regarding my son and Professor Di Bella with a wonderful helpfulness, with his wonderful smile he said: "Look, do not despair! I'm testing a method..."

Note: Mind you that this was happening in 1974! Twenty four (24) years ago!

"I have a method that so far has given me good results, however this method has not been tried yet, it is still not known, but I have great confidence in its validity!".

Given the answers that clinicians had given us we decided to adopt this therapy for my son.

We used to give him melatonin and vitamin E that the professor had prescribed, secretly during the last months that he was still in the hospital. We gave them to him secretly because the official therapy would not have allowed it!

The boy has endured even a second, following a relapse, a second very serious relapse of this disease, and he endured it, raising the amazement of the head physician who commented: "How come? We subjected him to therapies, chemotherapies that would have crushed a horse and this boy does not have the hemorrhages that always occur in these cases!".

He didn’t get them because thanks to Prof. Di Bella's melatonin, the micro platelets that this melatonin created in his bone marrow, which they could not see under the microscope because they were so small that were not detectable in the microscope. In short, they gave him this ability to withstand even the worse form hemophilia.

The facts is that my son, continuing this therapy, regularly taking any medications that Prof. Di Bella had proposed, after three/four (3-4) months had fully revived, he used to go play football!

I repeat, when he was at the hospital in Padua and then in Vicenza he had shrunk to 45 kg. He was a 16 years old boy, taller than me. And in 4 months he had almost fully recovered. Within another year he healed perfectly. Today he is 40 years old, married with two wonderful children, a boy and a girl, he is happy and is a clear demonstration of the validity of this therapy!





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Transcripted by: Mirko Viviani;

Translated by: Davide Iafrate.