Augmentation of specific tumor immunity against a syngeneic SV40-induced sarcoma in mice by retinoic acid

Published on Thursday, 26 October 2017


The effects of retinoic acid, a vitamin A derivative, which has been shown to have immune adjuvant properties, were studied in vivo in a syngeneic tumor system by the use of the tumor-cell neutralization assay.

The effector activity of spleen cells of BALB/c mice immune against a syngeneic SV40-induced sarcoma, mKSA, was specifically augmented by low doses of retinoic acid, whereas high doses had a suppressive effect.

In addition, the time required for generation of the effector activity was shortened and the immune activity lasted longer in the retinoic acid-treated mice.

With the use of cell-depletion techniques it was demonstrated that thymus-derived lymphocytes were affected by retinoic acid.



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