That’s how I cured my wife from a tumor

Published on Thursday, 07 February 2013

That’s how I cured my wife from a tumorCarlo is a Lombard dentist, he is a 42 year- old and has 3 small children. He discovered the Di Bella method when his wife nearly died in 2009 after being diagnosed with invasive brain cancer (anaplastic astrocytoma), the same cancer that suppressed Ted Kennedy...

This is the story of a 42 year-old dentist, Carlos, married, with three small children, that has succeeded to change his destiny. In front of the illness of his wife - a high-grade brain tumor (anaplastic astrocytoma) that brought her nearly to death - he acted like the wise captain of the Titanic (one that has never existed).

He guessed the right maneuver, even if he was nearly touching the deadly iceberg. "I had to save her - says now that his wife's cancer is blocked - but I would like to say that even if she died I would not be sunk: I am a strong believer and I am convinced that God loves us deeply, even in sickness!".


How did you notice the tumor? (The same that suppressed Ted Kennedy)

"In April 2009 my wife was 35 years old and she had a seizure while working. In the hospital they found a brain injury, so she had an operation ten days later!".


What was the diagnosis?

“Third degree anaplastic astrocytoma (cancer of the cells that support neurons). It is a malignant tumor that grows quickly even if it doesn’t cause metastasis. The tragedy is that you cannot be removed completely because it infiltrates the neighboring healthy tissue!".


So, what is the remedy?

"Radiotherapy and chemotherapy for a long time, rate of 2-year survival is 50% and 5-year survival is 18%!".


Is how to find an iceberg an inch from the bow... What have you done?

"The protocol consists of 30 sessions of radiotherapy and concomitant chemotherapy, trying to go on as much as possible, the trouble was that after three cycles of chemotherapy my wife showed high toxicity to the liver and the blood, she didn’t have red and white globules anymore, neither platelets! Not even transfusions gave her relief. In December she entered into a cachectic state (the condition of a terminally ill person)... we thought that she will not survive till the end of the year... During this tragedy I didn’t sleep any more, I studied every night and every day, I have consulted hundreds of studies and dozens of professionals!".


Where did you arrive?

"First of all at the Di Bella therapy: Dr. Achille Norsa has published several 'case report' on brain tumors, so I consulted him and Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella and Dr. Paolo Lissoni".


What effects had the Di Bella therapy on your wife?

"Excellent. Now, three years later, she works and takes care of the family as before his illness, her cancer has not gone forward, and it is very rare that a brain tumor of this type remains stationary, but the tests prove it. As the Latin’s said: “contra factum not datur argumentum – in front of the facts there is no need to discuss.” What I realized is that one cannot think about arresting a tumor without the somatostatin (suffocates the malignant cells, stripping them the nourishment of the blood vessels)!".


Have you tried to tell this to a traditional oncologist?

"During the treatment the medical doctors from the hospitals have always treated me like an idiot, now that they see my wife alive and flourishing; they remain silent and look at her like looking at a ghost. They repeated 'that these therapies are useless', and I say that if they had read Schally, Pollak, Lincoln some doubt would come to them. In the U.S. it is normal to test the off-label drugs, i.e. drugs for other purpose than what is written on the leaflet, this is the case of somatostatin and prolactin inhibitors used by Di Bella against cancer but also other substances. There, it is done when traditional treatments are ineffective, here we cannot even imagine such a thing!".


Speaking of other substances, you didn’t use only the Di Bella method to treat your wife

"No. I was determined to try them all. I also used two other drugs that are not recognized in Italy. The first is CRM 197, discovered by the Italian scientist Buzzi, is the non-toxic diphtheria toxin that causes, in the cancer patient, a waterfall immune (there is an ongoing trial in Japan of women with ovarian cancer)".


The second one?

"It an oncolytic ('melts' cancer), is called the Newcastle disease virus, of the family of viruses responsible of avian flu, is a discovery of a Hungarian physician. In Germany, this product is used in clinics and hospitals".


So you bought the medicines abroad.

"Yes, both. Not only that, I also had to administer them abroad, because these drugs are banned in Italy!".


But it is safe to mix all these substances?

"Surely you must know how to use them, it takes an experienced physician. As for the mix I was informed, it is suitable with the Di Bella multitherapy and the case of my wife. My luck is that I can read well in English".


So you don’t know if the cancer his wife has stabilized for the Di Bella method or the other two treatments.

"Frankly, no. But it doesn’t matter, what matters is that she is well and has a normal life!".


You must have spent a lot of money.

"A lot. You know what is sad? That I was able to do all this (translated: to treat the mother of my children) because: I am a doctor, I studied and I have no financial problems, but the others...?".


For the others offers the State... But it’s true that you consult for free?

"It’s the effect of word of mouth, I live in a small center, now I have a good expertise on brain tumors, so people come here to ask an opinion and for convenience, I focus consultations after work. That’s how I spend the last hours of the day. It's the least I can do after what I've received; it's my way of helping those who are ill!".


Trancripted by: Alina Mina Leonard

Read here the original article (Italian language) by journalist Gioia Locati.